This research work takes a look into the effect of advertisement on the productivity of an organization. The hypotheses stated where of the view that advertisement does not contribute to high productivity, good company image and its useless to both producer and consumer. It also looked into the history, meaning, objectives, media, agency and advantages of advertising to producers and consumers. The researcher test the hypotheses through questionnaire and personal interview the consumers and executives of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc. It was then concluded that advertisement has greater impact on productivity suggestion of reasonable solution were made.





        Marketing concepts suggest that any organization that seek to make profit must direct its controlled by every organization. The four PS are product price, promotion and place. Moreso, promotion as one of the controllable factors has it element which are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relation and publicity.

Advertisement is an impersonal form of communication essentially use to persuade customers including middlemen allow various channels of distribution to adapt a favorable attitude to an identified organization’s product or services.

On the other hand, production is the transformation of raw materials into finished goods and services. The act of turning or transforming idea, goods or service to a final use is refer to as a product.

Dele Giwa (2009) in her view said “Organization could be seen as a body or system where human and material resources are used to attain specific goals”.

Vividly, one can say that any organization that seek to sell it product or service must be able to use advertisement effectively in order to obtain a desirable objective.

To advertising programme of any firm has three (3) main objectives:

  1. Informative objective
  2. Persuasive objective
  3.     Reminding objective

The first which is informative objective aim at informing the public about the product or services. The information carried out may be about the price of the product or use, especially when the product is newly introduced into the market. The product will get to the consumers through advertising hence, automatically informing the public about the product.

The second which is persuasive objective aim at convincing the customers and the general public to buy their product or services and telling the general public the satisfaction to be derived from their product usage.

Thirdly, the reminding objective aim at reminding the potential customers about the product in which they are advertising that if purchased, the product will be able to meet the needs for the purpose the customers bought them. For instance, Nigeria Bottling Company brings out new form of advertisement every year to remind the customers and the public about Coca-Cola. Especially a situation where a producer wants to introduce a new product into the market, he will like to use information to let the consumers know the use, price, quality and quantity.

All these will be done through advertising, thus, advertising carries out various market efforts to gain consumer loyalty and as well as portraying the goods image of the organization within the industry.

Statement of the problem

        This study will investigate the effect of advertisement on the productivity of an organization.

It has been argued by marketers and business owners that advertisement is just a waste of money which divert the company’s resources to various media. Others are of the opinion that it lead to ostentations living. In this contradicting view, that this work emerged.

Purpose of study

        This study is design to investigate the effect of advertisement on the productivity of an organization.

Meanwhile, the purpose of carrying out this study is summarized as follows:

–       To ascertain how advertising communicate information about a product, service or idea and to stimulate demand

–       To reveal the impact of advertisement not only on the productivity of the organization but also to the consumers to whom the information about the product is been conveyed.

–       To find out the extent at which advertisement help business management.

–       To determine how demand for product are created through advertising.

–       To gain an insight into the ways and manners by which advertisement can be carried out.

Significant of the study

        The result of this study will be positively use for the conversion of emergent favorable attitude into the feeling that are actually positive and preferential towards the product or services.

–       It is also believed that the findings of this study will enables the producers and consumers to know the usefulness of advertisement

–       It will help marketing specialist to carry out regular analysis on the effectiveness of media use in advertising.

–       It will go a long way in helping producers and advertising body to select and use the best type of media at a particular time.

–       It will enable the industrialist to know that the ultimate objective of advertising is long term profitability rather than immediate sales

–       It will serve as occupational information to student sin secondary school that intend to study market as a choice of career.

–       It will enable the future researchers to use the finding of the study for future research.

Research question

        This study will make an attempt in answering the following questions.

–       How does advertisement help to play an important role to an organization and consumers?

–       Does the demand for product are created through advertising?

–       Is there any time that advertisement is important and when its not important?

Research hypotheses (Null)

        Based on this research work, the following hypotheses are formulated.

  •        Advertising does not have significant relationship on the productivity of an organization.
  •        Media use for advertising does not contribute to high demand of organization product.
  •        There is no significant different between the usefulness of advertisement to the producer and to the consumer.

Scope of the study

Although the effect of advertisement on the productivity of an organization is related to all industries, but in this work, the researcher will use Nigerian Bottling Company Plc as its case study and then look into the effect of advertisement in their marketing system.

Definition of terms

Advertisement: An announcement of goods for sales in newspaper, radio, television and magazines.

Advertising: Is an act of practice of calling public attention to one’s product, services and needs by radio, television and magazine.

Communication: Is the passing of message from one person to another.

Organization: A body or a set of system

Product: This is the result obtained by adding two or more quantity together.

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