This research work was carried out to survey the influence of stress on the academic performance of science students. To accomplish this research project, the researcher used the Biology students 2008 set as a sample for the study. The population involved   20 students purposely sampled. Twenty – five questioners were administered to each student. The results of this finding were coded and analyzed. This research therefore reveals the effect of stress on the academic performances of science students.



Title Page                                                                                   i

Certification                                                                               ii

Dedication                                                                                 iii

Acknowledgement                                                                    iv

Abstract                                                                                     v

Table of Content                                                                       vi – viii


0.1      Introduction                                                                   1

1.1      Background to the Study                                              1-3

1.2      Statement of the problem                                             4

1.3      Purpose of study                                                           4

1.4      Research hypothesis                                                     4-5

1.5      Significant of the study                                                 5

1.6      Scope / delimitation                                                       5-6

1.7      Definition of terms                                                         6


2.0     Review   of literature                                                      7

2.1     Meaning of stress                                                           7

2.2     Types of stress                                                               7

2.3      Causes of stress                                                            7

2.4     Signs & symptoms of stress                                          8

2.5     Effect of stress                                                                8

2.6     Remedy for stress                                                           8

  1. 7 Relationship between stress & Education 8

2.8     Effect of stress  on Education                                       8

2.9      Response of student to stress                                     8

2.10     Gender differences & stress                                        8

2.1       Meaning of stress                                                          9-10

2.2      Types of stress                                                              10 – 14

2.3      Causes  of stress                                                           15 – 18

2.3       Factors leading to emotional stress                            18 – 19

2.4       Signs & Symptoms of stress                                       19-22

2.5       Effects of stress                                                            22

2.5.1     Short term effects of stress                                        22 – 25

2.5.2     Long term stress                                                          25 – 27

2.6        Possible solutions to stress / remedy                        27-48

2.7        Relationship between stress & Education                48 – 51

2.8        Effects of stress on Education                                    51 – 54

2.9        Response to stress by students                                 54 – 55

2.10      Gender different & stress                                            55 – 57


3.0        Research  methodology                                              58

3.1        Research Design                                                          58

3.2        Population of study                                                      58

3.3      Sample & Sampling Techniques                                   59

3.4      Research Instrument                                                      59

3.5      Validity of SAP                                                                59

3.5.1    Reliability of the Instrument                                        60

3.5.2    Stress Attitudinal Questionaire                                   60

3.5.3     Validity of SAQ                                                             60

3.6        Administration of Instrument                                     61

3.7        Data Analysis                                                                61



4.0       Results and Discussion                                               62

4.1       Testing of Hypothesis                                                  62 – 64

4.2       Discussion of results                                                   64 – 66



5.0       Summary Conclusion & Recommendation                66 – 67

5.2       Conclusion                                                                    67

5.3       Implications of the study                                              68

5.4       Recommendation                                                          68 – 70

5.5        Limitation of study                                                       70 – 71

5.6       Suggestion for further studies                                     71

References                                                                     72 – 74






Sandwich programmes is a yearly programme  undergone  by most people in every state  during the  holiday   yet those undergoing  it  are always  faced with problems  which they cannot avoid one of such problems  ‘STRESS’ which nobody has made an attempt to  research  deep  into the causes and  which reasonable solution  to reduce or solve this problem.

From the helpguide organization [2002], stress is  defined  as psychological and physiological response to events that  upset our  personal balance in some  way. We all face different challenges and obstacle s and sometimes the pressure   is hard to handle. Stress can affect anyone from children to adolescents to adults. Women are affected twice   more than men. Studies show that stress is responsible for 70% visit to doctors and is the reason for 85% of the serious    illnesses and failure.

Most student s undergoing the programme comprises of adults, in fact, more women are engaged in the programme more than men. We need to ask ourselves this  question, why are adults  taking up this  programme more than  the youths.

Changes in the life situation of people  in economic, social, cultural and political worlds are presenting  a  number of challenges and opportunities to people . As  change agents, the beneficiaries are expected to change  in number of ways. It is  this  that prompt  most adults  who may either want to make up for limited schooling to pass examination learn the basic skills of  trades engage in the programme.

Paul [1987] declared that there are those who believe that science would  eventually solve everything and that if  only the world  were run more scientifically , it would be a much better place. How  can the world  be  a better place when those that suppose to teach  and implement science are not laying down good foundation in their poor study and performances due to stress which they allow  to over power them. During the dark age, our  forefathers  were not all that concerned about  schooling, all what they were after was on their  farming  and having more children to help them in their farm work, but this era of education which is termed jet age has a lot to offer and we must try and maintain equilibrium so that stress will not  take  the upper hand over our performances.

It is not uncommon  to see married women loosing  pregnancy during the programme due to stress, both during  the lecture and examination period.  The  distance  from  residence to the school cannot be ruled out as what student goes through , whenever there is fuel scarcity is a  great hurdle, transport fares escalate so much that the students will have to lap themselves, traffic congestion  at times  causes some students  to ride on  Okada not minding the  cost and risk and even trekking especially from Okokomaiko  to Iyana– Oba as  a result of this , some  students misses lectures, tests, practical and even  examination which is  of paramount importance to their certification which therefore add to their work load  the next year.

Many students who are agile before they started the course becomes sick before the middle  of  the programme  due  to stress, the long queue that most students experience s during the payment of school fees, collection of course from, exam slip and  screening exercise is much no wonder why it was reported that a pregnant  woman fainted there last year.

All theses knowledge of the past and present will allow and prepare us to face the challenges which anybody   preparing to undergo the problem is likely to face and how solution could be proffered.

It has also been observed that the performance of students undergoing sandwich degree programme have not been encouraging. Many reasons have been suggested as factors affective  performance of students undergoing this researched into such as adequate laboratories, quality of teaching & staffs, environment e.t.c  but when these factors were found to be improving, the graph of achievement is still falling. Hence, the effects of stress on academic performance have not been really research into.

Therefore, it is against this background that  this study sought to investigate how stress affect students undergoing sandwich programme taking AOCOED as a case study.



There is no human activity that is not under one  influence  or the other and students academic  activities are not an exception. This study sought to investigate  the extent do which stress influences the academic  performance  of  CESADEP science students and how  the influence can be positively wed to improve  academic performance of students.



The purpose of this research topic sought

—- To know the meaning of stress, types, symptoms causes   and effects

—- To identify the causes of stress

—- To find out if stress is responsible for students performance.

—- To suggest necessary steps to be taken to reduce the poor performance of some students.

—- To find out if it is only the adults that stress have negative effect upon.



—- There is no significant relationship between stress and poor

performance  of  science student.

—- There is no relationship between stress and study of science courses

—- There will be no significant relationship between stress in women and

their performance.

—- There is no significant relationship between some youths and their





—- Findings on this investigation of the influence of  stress will allow  the in –  coming students to know the positive and negative  effect of stress.

— Findings will prepare the students to face the challenges which anybody

preparing to undergo the course is likely to face.

—- The study will help student to adjust to learning conditions so as to

improve their  performance .

—- It will also help the students to manage the stress knowing fully well

that is   going to be for a short period  of time.

—- It will also create positive attitude into member of the public to be a sort

of  assistance to this students.

—- Govt. should also assist in the area that they can help to help students

undergoing sandwich manage stress.


In the course of the investigation, the researcher will be limited to only the Biology students in AOCOED  Adeniran  Ogunsanya College of Education   in order to avoid embarrassment of thinking that the researcher might wants to poke nose into their  affairs academically.


—- PERFORMANCE: The standard of success that someone or something


—-   PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT: a change  that affects the mind and behaviour in   a   particular person.

—-  AGITATION: Worry over some issues.

—-   HOMEOSTASIS This is a process whereby living organism keeps its own  state steady and continous despite changes in its environment.

—-   STIMULATORS There are substances that make someone feel more lively or   awake.

—-   TOXINS – Poisonous substances

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