role of technology in educating the african youth


What is education?

Education means imparting knowledge, skills and ideas, either formally or informally. It enables one to think outside the box and proffer immediate solutions to problems, thus developing the way. Education enables one to manage different basic aspects of life. 

What is technology?

The word technology is coined from ‘Tech, ‘ meaning machine and ‘Logy’, meaning study. It uses scientific knowledge in practical ways, mostly in creating machines. It is also the application of scientific innovation to solving everyday problems and facilitating tedious human activities. Technology has been a shining light to African youths, which has changed their ways of doing things. The youths of Africa are growing up in a whole different type of environment compared to the generation of their parents and grandparents. It is helping to transform Africa, and it is closing the gap between the poor and the rich. It has had a positive impact on the youth in many ways.

Technology’s impact on education

educational technology

Technology’s impact on education

Technology has made it possible to improve the quality of education on the African continent; This has helped eradicate lack of education, unemployment, and underdevelopment.

It empowers and teaches people how to solve problems. Technology can help educate and empower people to think clearly and make the right decisions; This can be accomplished by sharing knowledge from outside sources, such as social media, the internet, and television. Books were scarce in the past, and only a few people had access to education. People used to travel to centres of learning to get an education. Today, a massive amount of information is available for the youth at our fingertips through the internet and other learning facilities like newspapers, magazines, journals, and many more. With the wide range of search engines available online and on smart devices, it is possible to find any information using the various search engines.

Technology’s effects on communication

communication technology

Technology has opened up new avenues for collaboration and communication. Technology has opened up new opportunities for collaboration and communication. Historically, societies have been isolated. In the past, communication with distant relatives was limited to mail; This can take longer and may cause the recipient to lose their package. It is now possible to contact someone anywhere in the world within a blink of an eye.

The technology used in research

research technology

Technology has enabled African youth to realize their dreams. For instance, the young generation can follow the expedition of a group of scientists via video conference and learn more about the Article. They can also share their research with youth from other countries. Students can read the posts and photos of scientists, view photos and email questions to them.

Technology’s impact on the economy

economic technology

Technology has become an integral part of African youth’s lives and daily activities. It transcends poverty and economic conditions. More people in Africa have access to the internet and mobile phone. The socio-economic impact of technology will improve the lives and well-being of poor Africans. More African youth are growing up in a world where social media and online communities are essential to the way they learn and develop. The children in our society live in a digital technology world where smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, and video games are constantly growing and evolving.

Technology’s impact on agriculture

agricultural technology

Modern agriculture is a mechanized and intensive type of farming. The development of technology has enabled the creation of sophisticated machinery and other powerful tools to help educate young farmers about new farming techniques that can increase their yields. Youth are now involved in cooperative farming to help raise capital and buy more sophisticated machinery to increase production. Farmers use aerial images from drones, weather forecasts and soil sensors to manage their crop growth.
Technology plays an important role in educating young Africans on the right ways to live their lives. Our youth’s standard of living has risen tremendously with technology.
role of technology in educating the African youths