The purpose of this study is to determine the problems and prospects of poultry management. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The major data collection instrument is the questionnaire. The data were presented in table as frequency distribution. In the analysis, the techniques of percentages of and frequency were used. The following are the major findings of the study:-To find out the extent of standardization in the poultry business. To examine how the commercialization of this poultry agricultural products is in line with the marketing concept of phinormar Nigeria Ltd is a part. And also to develop a system of managing poultry farming in Enugu state with a view to enhance poultry development in the area.    The conclusion, a successful producer today must utilize a combination of the most efficient bird and sound management practices.




1.1    Background of the study

1.2        Statement of the study

1.3        Purpose of the study

1.4        Scope of the study

1.5        Research questions or research hypothesis

1.6        Definition of term


LITERATURE REVIEW                                     

2.1    Management and hygiene practices

2.2        Government support programmes

to the poultry sector

2.3        The specific objective

2.4        Poultry production policy

2.5        Schools of thought within the subject area

2.6        School of thought relevant to the problem

of the study

2.7        Different methods of studying the problem

2.8        Summary

2.9        Overview on value chain and analysis and the

study chain for drugs.

2.10    Trade, making and markets for poultry product

2.11    Regional (inter-state) trade in poultry products.

2.12    Slaughtering facilities of chicken.

2.13 Type’s poultry feeds for chicken

2.14 Effects on vaccination programme.



3.1    Research design

5.5        Area of the study

5.6        Population of the study

5.7        Sample and sampling procedures

5.8        Instrument of data collection

5.9        Validity of instrument

5.10    Reliability of instrument

5.11    Method of data collection

5.12    Method of data analysis



4.1 Presentation and analysis

4.2 Test of hypothesis

4.3 Summary of findings.



5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Implication of research results

5.3 Recommendations

5.4        Suggestion for further study

5.5    Limitations of the study



CHAPTER ONE                               



Agriculture continues to be the most important sector of the Nigerian economy in terms of provision of employment inspite of its declining contribution to the nation’s foreign exchange earnings. The type of poultry that are commonly reared in Nigeria are chickens, ducks, guinea fowls, turkeys, pigeons and more recently ostriches.

The importance of protein in our diet cannot be over emphasized poultry production is also profitable through capital intensive. The importance of protein in diet and lack of good management and low maintenance of the pre existing poultry farms in Enugu has necessitated the formation of Phinomar (Nig) Ltd is suited at Ngwo Agi in Udi Local government Area of Enugu state. The farm is owned by Igwe I.O.U Ayalogu of Enugu Village in Ngwo who provided the entire capital and material requirement for the take off of the farm at interception. His oldest son by name prince Uche Ayalogu was the managing director of the farm.

The firm started in 1963 with few birds about 12 birds, which later in premier position of the farm. Over a period of time the stock of birds and the type of birds, which later in premier position of the farm. Over a period of time the stock of birds and the type of birds in the farm include broilers, layers and cockerels, the farm is also in fishers. Presently the capital structure of the farm is made up of personal saving and loan from financial institutions (banks) the staff strength of the farm presently is two hundred and forty-eight employees (248) while at interception, it involves only the nuclear family member.


It has said earlier that poultry husbandry has become the most intensive sector in livestock farming as an example of agricultural products among Nigerians at large and precisely Enugu state. Within any geographical set up, one may observe many houses and huts put up by poultry farmers. Most of these farmers have it as a mere hubby. It provides the keeper with eggs for domestic use and possibly meat after the fowl might have dropped in laying eggs, with in a space of time according to the type of fowls kept. Con sequent upon the aforementioned facts, the poultry farmer will be a great draw back to him.

Some of the key problems hindering the progress of the phinomar Nigeria Ltd. Ngwo .

a.   Poor management and lack of expertise in the farm.

b.   Shortage of manpower or lack of adequate manpower.

The study however centered especially on the above identified problem and such other problems that were discover in the course of investigation into the operation of the farm.


The purpose of this research work is to critically review the extent the marketing concept, which is the basis of effective business, is applied in marketing concept, (Agricultural product) as it relates to phinomar Nigeria. Ltd Ngwo Enugu state. It is sometimes misconstrue that there is no body regulating the activities of poultry farmers in the area of sanitation, price setting and entire management of such venture. For this course, it is the purpose of this research among the aforementioned facts to :

–      Find out the extent of standardization in the poultry business.

–      Examine how the commercialization of this poultry agricultural products is line with the marketing concept of phinomar Nigeria Ltd is a part.

–      Make a total review of the extent phinomar Nigeria. Ltd have been farming in up holding the prescribed practices in comparison with the poultry industries and other agricultural industries in Enugu state.

–      Make useful suggestions and recommendations necessary to up lift the importance of the application of marketing principles in the marketing of agricultural products in Enugu state.

–      Enrich the research student with the knowledge of poultry keeping as a viable business venture.

The general purpose of this research is to develop a system of managing poultry farming in Enugu state with a view to enhance poultry development in the area. The successful producer today must utilize  combination of the most efficient bird and sound management practices.


The focus of this study is on the problem and prospect on poultry management. The scope covers poultry management, poultry husbandry, poultry business and poultry production.


–      What promotional strategies do you adopt in the marketing of your product?

–      What type of distribution method do you use for your poultry production?

–      Do you have competitors at all in the business, and

What is your market share in the total poultry marketing in your area?

–      Is good management a key to success in poultry husbandry?

–      Is the application of marketing concept in the marketing of agricultural (poultry) products important for the business to be able to break even?

–      Is consumer protection and satisfaction the core of marketing in the poultry business?

–      Is there any profitability?

–      What is the present status of poultry management?


For a better understanding of this research work some professional and technical terms should be defined therefore, the following terms are defined thus:-

1)   Cooperative Society– This is an association of persons, voluntarily united to meet their social economic needs and aspiration through a jointly owned and democrallcally controlled business enterprise.

2)   Poultry– Those species of birds that render economic services to man and reproduce freely under his care. It also refers to those groups of birds whether they are alive or dressed.

3)   Poultry Farm– Location of building for keeping of birds.

4)    Poultry Farmer-One who rears or keeps a poultry farm

5)   Marketing-The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements, profitable through exchange process.

6)   Marketing Concept-Is a philosophy of business which states that the customer’s want(s) satisfaction is the economic and social justification of a company’s existence.

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