CHAPTER ONE1.0  Introduction

1.1      Background Of Study

1.2       Objective Of Study

1.3      Justification Of Study

CHAPTER TWO2.0  Literature Review

2.1      Definition Of Poultry

2.2      Types Of Poultry

2.2.1                Fuel Range System

2.2.2                Pesticted Range System

2.2.3                Intestive Decp-Litter Of Battery Copar

2.3      Poultry Diseases

2.3.1                New Casttle Disease

2.3.2                Fowl Pose Disease

2.3.3                Gum Bow Disease

2.3.4                Marese Disease

CHAPTER THREE3.0      Phinomar Nig Limited

3.1  Poultry Unit

3.2      Feed Mill Unit

3.3      Hatchiy Unit

3.4      Deep Litter System

3.5      Battery Cage System

3.6      Management Of Poultry

3.7      Management Of Chichs

3.8      Management Of Boiler

3.9      Management Of Commercial Lagers

3.10  Diseases In The Farm

3.11  Common Vaccine

CHAPTER FOUR4.0  Findings

4.1      Suggestion

4.2      Recommendation




Poultry business and first introduce to Nigeria in the late fifties with the importation of selected breeds of exotic poultry.  The unitial success of the introduction and adaptation as evidence from improved production record, several fold higher than what could be drained for local breeds stimulate the expansion of the industry first by government firm and lat by entrepreneur who quickly understood the profit or gain of the men industry.

Consequently, the production marketing and consumption of the poultry production followed purely traditional method and channel.  Although cash income was the motivation there was rarely any good planning I this system of the poultry keeping.  No special provision or programme was made for breeding housing, recording or costing.

Prior, to the introduction of commercial poultry business in Nigeria a few commercial poultry business in Nigeria few commercial houses were importing eggs and broiler with the successful adaptation of exotil poultry in Nigeria around the middle and late fifties and in the main agricultural station like Umudike and summary the foundation for modern commercial poultry was first laid government programme were developed based on acceleration poultry production through the importation of laying flock and distribution of day old chick at subsidized price to farmers.


The background of the study, poultry family in Enugu stage: as I have explained the introductory pent of this topic.  The background also gives the partial meaning of the study poultry faming more especially in Enugu state.

How poultry faming begging to exist in Enugu, the taking care of poultry and its management how to feed the fow chick, from the egg stage to the dual purpose stage enter for meat or for production of eggs for hatching which will give rise to the younger chicks.


The objective of study is to study the poultry farming system in Enugu State also to study the types of poultry system that are available or the existence.

Also to make a recommendation of optimum level of poultry system in used.  Also thus objective are geared toward for optimum, yield, it will also gain into poultry business to know the system and method of taking care off.

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