Motivation And Organizational Efficiency In Nigeria Public Services (A Case Study Of An Over View)

Motivation And Organizational Efficiency In Nigeria Public Services

(A Case Study Of An Over View)

Staff motivation is indispensable and is a vital part of management workers need to be motive for efficiency and effective productivity. This research work is on the impact of financial motivation on worker’s productivity. the instrument used for collecting data is the questionnaire consisting of thirteen (13) question and divided into two (2) sections, section one is one of the subsequent sections which contains the research questions, data gathered was analyzed using simple percentage method and was likewise displayed on tables, it was found out that the impact of motivation on workers in the organization under study cannot be overemphasized. The study also found out that workers in the organization under study are adequately motivated financially with good working condition and working environment. In conclusion however, it is seen that workers at Rumba South Police Division are motivated in their areas of works.

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1.1 Background of the study
1.2 Statement of the problem
1.3 Objectives of the study
1.4 Research questions
1.5 Significance of the study
1.6 Scope of the study
1.7 Limitations of the study
1.8 Definition of terms


2.1 Introduction
2.2 The concept of motivation / importance
2.3 The major theories of motivation
2.4 Ways of motivation workers
2.5 Benefit of organization from motivation of workers
2.6 Effect of lack of motivation on workers
2.7 Summary of literature review


3.1 Introduction
3.2 Research design
3.3 Sources /methods of data collection
3.4 Population and sample size
3.5 Sampling techniques
3.6 Validity and reliability of measuring instrument
3.7 Method of data analysis


4.1 Introduction
4.2 Presentation of data
4.3 Analysis of data
4.4 Interpretation of result(s)


5.1 Introduction
5.2 Summary of findings
5.3 Conclusion
5.4 Recommendations
5.5 Areas for further research


Organization employ people in order to use them realize their goal. People equally join organization in order to achieve their own objective in life. It therefore follows that, for organization to get the best of workers, it must offer them the opportunity of realizing their goals to a reasonable extent once the worker believed that he can realize his personal objectives by helping the organization to realize, its objectives, he is bound to offer his best. Thus behavioural scientists believe that workers performance requires motivation, ability and a reward system that encourage quality work.
Often we ask ourselves questions “why do people have as they do? However, the information we gather points at motivation which is a term popularly used to refer to the cause or way of behavior because psychologist are aware that many aspect of behavior are determined by motivation or learning that confide the concept of motivation to these factors which energizes and give direction to behavior.
The concept of motivation and its effect on workers behavior is one that seems very popular, among managers but in practices. Only very few actually understand what motivation is. We are going to treat the subject matter of motivation in this chapter, with a view of showing its importance in the life and well being of organizations, while hoping to bridge the gap between its theory and practice.
Usually a motivated person will engage in an activity more vigorously and more efficiently than unmotivated person, apart from activating a person or other organism, motivation tends to direct or focus behavior for instance. A thirsty person is always ready to look for water to drink. Motivation is any influence that brings out, direct or maintain people goal directed behavior. Also the sets the sets of force that initiate behavior and determine its forms, direction, intensity and duration. Motivation can as well be defined as the act of directing an individual’s behavior towards a particular end through the manipulation of incentives. Individuals are influenced by certain need and desire. Once such identified, their provision or otherwise can affect their behavior in predictable way.
Human being, whatever their background and orientation may be motivated in one way or the other. Bokes (1975) stated the fact that there is a basic for every human action implies that motivation is unavoidable in all fact of human endeavour. To the individual executing actions whatever the actions, the reason for such propellant might not be visible and immediately know to him but a careful and profound analysis of the reason for such behavior still reveal a force deeply and fundamentally rooted in motivation. No wonder in trying to explain the meaning of motivation Koontz (1978) said motivation is an inner state that energized activities of moves and direct or channels behavior towards goal accomplishment.
Therefore, motivation is one of the most contributory factors to the success or failure of organization goals. Motivation as observed by Brech E.F (1975) P.I.Z involves getting the members of the team to pull three weights effectively to give their loyalty to the group and to task, to carryout properly the activities allocated and generally to play effective part in the operation service or tasks, that the organization has undertake. In other words motivation has to do with inspiring the morale of the worker. In such a circumstance the workers need to perceive the achievement of his personal goal. He therefore became easier to manager like the Macgregor or theory of man he now begins to derive job satisfaction from working and from achieving result.
In the absence of motivation in whatever form it would be fallacious to say that human beings will only vegetate without and effort for mental activity. It takes a student for instance the reason for academic pursuit may be numerous, if field, successful in his chosen profession or career. A worker who is not motivated is not likely to give efficient and effective service, therefore, production will be at its lowest and not able depressed after all the essence of hard work is to derive some reward.
The person of motivation in any form in whatever field of human endeavour enhances performance and in many case increase productivity a worker who is motivated will not only be happy with his job but also will in addition give or put in his best in the work. He will seek better ways of performing any function and increase his quest for creativity, motivation as well as sense of belonging to the particular organization. It should be noted that the positive impact of motivation on worker, in the organization is effective performance motivation could be informed of payment of salary (good salaries) job design, job security, job enrichment. Good career prospect, good work environment, realization of self esteem, medicine subsidized metal and transport, good retirement benefit etc. manager and management have long believed that organizational goals are unattainable without the enduring commitment of members of the organization.
Motivation is a human psychological characteristic that contribute to a person’s degree of commitment.
It is one of the several factors that go into a person performance. This study is therefore intended to highlight how motivation affects productivity of worker in general and staff workers in particular, it is also a study designed to find out the relationship between enhance performance and motivation.

This study is to identify motivational techniques employed by organizations to enhance the performance of their staff workers. It will also identify the prospects and constraints of techniques while recommending the most effective of them all. The research intends to identify methods of application of techniques and how they ginger up staff workers for enhanced productivity.
Over the years it been observed that majority of workers in the country have suffered from inadequate, if not complete lack of incentive resulting in low productivity. As a result it becomes necessary for some organization to resort to employing several management approaches to enhance the performance of their workers.
Proper and effective handily of motivation techniques as will be suggested in this research work, will likely spur the worker to put in the maximum effort towards achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

1. To find out the importance of motivation.
2. To determine ways of motivating staff in achieving enhance performance.
3. To examine whether or not organization benefit the motivation of staff.
4. To make proper recommendation as to hoe to predict the need for the successful realization of their goals.
5. To ascertain the effect of lack of motivation on the productivity of staffs in the organization.

To carry out this research effectively, certain questions are asked in order to ascertain the relevance of this study to the organization.
Such questions are as follows:
1. What is the importance of motivation?
2. Are there ways of motivating staff in achieving enhanced performance?
3. Do organizations benefit from the motivation of staff workers?
4. What is the effect performance of staff workers

Employees are valuable profit making particular of business organization. According to A.U. Ohiri (1998) a truly motivated worker or person is one who wants to work. This means that if one is not adequately motivated, one will not discharge his duties well. Management should bear in mind, that if workers are not properly motivated, their level of productivity will drop. Therefore, this study will go along way by providing a frame of work on how to motivate workers adequately using only limited resources of the employees, ascertain the effect of motivation on the working place. The study will recommend and to management of business organization various ways of determining the impact of motivation on their workers so as to actively achieve organization objectives. It will help the workers and management draw a distinction between monetary incentives and other motivational techniques such as fringe benefit and advancement applied as in inducement to staff worker’s work enhancement in order to boat productivity.

To carry out the research effectively, the study will be delaminated to all workers’ working in Orumba South police station.
These firms are chosen because they have competent, willing, dedicated workers who are ready to put in their effort in the work provided they are the people that will supply information needed for this study.

Notwithstanding, the areas of the study covered during the research, the study was greatly affected by certain constraints which because unavoidable within the time limits.
Time Constraints: The research was constrained by the time limit. This posed a threat to the successful coverage intending in the course of this study.
Cost Factor: It is not usually that the prevailing economic predicament posed to great extent of problem in procuring the material/information needed other relevant statistical data.
However, the researcher was about to scale through, the hurdle in availing himself of the relevant data constraint here on.
Notwithstanding, the foregoing limitation associated with this study, the project was well conceived and concluded to serve the purpose for which is intended.

Certain key terms in this study are defined for effective understanding by users of this work. Some of such terms are as explained here under:
1. Staff: Somebody or person younger or lower in rank or position than other.
2. Worker: Person who is part of the productivity process.
3. Motivation: The process of influencing or encouraging subordinated of followers to work for a course desire by the leader.
4. Performance: Faithful commitment to doing or executing ones responsibilities in an organization.
5. Productivity: Being productive, power of being productive increased efficiency and the rate at which good are provided.
6. Management: The people in charge of organizing a business, that art of managing a business


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