internet usage pattern




The internet also known as the NET is the latest buzzword in the computer world. It has taken the entire world by surprise, with its cutting edge technology to connect people and computer throughout the world. Internets are loose amalgamation of computer networks interconnected worldwide through several backbone networks, Adomi (2008). It emerges as the educational tools by being a good source of getting the right information and solution to problems in an academic environment. Core research findings have been traced to the university and application of these innovations has resulted in tremendous gains to country’s economy according to Awoleye siyanbola and Oladipo (2008). No wonders, University of Uyo now making emphatics moves to improve on their information and communication policies.

Internet appearance in higher education was used as a tool for researchers to communication and share project data Jagboro (2004:21). Though it has some drawback has privacy problem, difficulty to search and to find relevant information. Yet, it is more informative, relatively fast and accessible 24 hours a day. Internet has a wide base that allows range of research information either as full publications, reports summaries or abstracts (Renny, (2006).

According to Ifeoma (2010) the use of internet plays a major role in helping undergraduate  researchers’ access large number of materials from different parts of the world. With its advent, lecturers and students can work together without physical interaction between each other and achieve the same objective with that of traditional way of studying in higher institution. Lecturers exchange ideas and communicate effectively since teaching, learning and research is now made easy with the internet.

It is a mega (super) tool in the world of Information Technology (IT), which has shattered the defensive barrier of time, space and language, thereby compressing the world into a “Global Village” with a common outlook, access, colour and taste.

For the developing countries like Nigeria to grow and attain its economic and social status, such country must be fully ready in strengthen and empowering its academic institutions, both in science and technological capacity. Hence, the University of Uyo undergraduate in their respective field will need an easy, reliable information without wasting much time. While the use of this internet is greatly depends on some associated factors such as purposes, undergraduates experience, locations internet facilities and services available, among others on academic purpose of the students in their institutions.


Nowadays,  surfing on the internet has become the most favorable interest for modern people, because it provides us several advantages and leads to more convenient life. People who are addicted spend too much time on the internet. They preter to stay at home and immerse in a virtual world, instead of going out to connect the real people. In the circumstance, their social abilities may degenerate as well as the relationship with others.

The large amount of information on the web may include unhealthy and appropriated messages for children, such as pornographic pictures. Although the problems of using the web would be influential, there are some methods that can be executed and its benefits could be optimized. However, there are still many drawbacks behind it that are worth concerning, and the causes and possible solutions will be discussed. Hence, this work will examines internet usage pattern among University of Uyo undergraduates.


The objectives of this study are to:

1.    To find out the purposes of using the internet.

2.    To ascertain undergraduates experience in the use of internet

·         To examine the internet resources mostly used by University of Uyo undergraduate.

1.    To ascertain the level of satisfaction of undergraduate towards the use of the internet.


Internet provides a medium of communication that has extended the potential of libraries interaction beyond physical library to users, colleagues and other professional activities and relationship with library user.

The finding of this study will therefore be helpful to University of Uyo undergraduate as it will serve as a source of evaluation to their practices.

This work will therefore, shall be greatly useful as relevant references documents for newspaper electronic news, online journalism, media house owners, communication art lecturers, information and communication technology, students as well as media critics.


This study is only limited to University of Uyo undergraduate.

It concentrates on the undergraduate students of the selected department since all the students cannot be reached.


The scope of this study was necessitated by inadequate financial resources for an extensive work. Beside, the time factor was very crucial at the period of this academic work and did not allow a winder opportunity to cover beyond these boundaries. The drawback did not in any way affect the finding of the study.


Internet: Internet is the world’s largest computer network, the network of networks, scattered all over the world.

Usage: This is way in which words are used in a language.

Pattern: Pattern is a regular way in which something happens or in which it is been done in a different perspective.

University of Uyo: This is an institution of higher learning located in the capital city of Akwa Ibom State.

Undergraduate: This is a student at a college or university who has not yet earned a bachelor’s equivalent degree.

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