This work focused on Greed and its consequences in Obinna Udenwe’s Satans and Shaitans. It also emphasized on the implication of greed on economy, and the society at large. This study also provides possible solution which can help to reduce greed in our society to its minimum degree. Greed as a factor motivated by religion, politics and cultism has been the reason for a lot of havoc in our society such as terrorism, illiteracy, poverty and banditry etc. But as it is said that there is light at the end of the tunnel, this research work provides scholastic broad view to greed as well as propounding solutions to end greed in our society. The methodology used is based on the primary data as such it involved a survey in a planned interview which enables the correspondents to air their opinion without any limitation outside the planned interview questions.









Title page                                                                                           i

Certification                                                                                        ii

Dedication                                                                                                   iii

Acknowledgement                                                                             iv

Abstract                                                                                             v

Table of Content                                                                                vi

CHAPTER ONE: Introduction

1.0     Background of the Study.                                                                  1

1.1     Statement of the problem.                                                        3

1.2     Objectives of the study                                                             4

1.3     Research questions                                                                             4

1.4     Significant of the study                                                            4

1.5     Scopes of study                                                                       5

1.6     Limitations of the study                                                            5

CHAPTER TWO: Literature review

2.0     Introduction                                                                                       6

2.1     What is Greed?                                                                        6

2.2     Consequences of Greed in our society                                      8

2.3     Religion, cultism and politics as Greed factor.                           10

2.4     How to end Greed in our society.                                             13

2.5 An overview of three selected literary work.                                 15


3.1     About the author of Satans and shaitans, Obinna Odenwe.      20

3.2     Synopsis of the literary text Satans and Shaitans by Obinna Odenwe                                 21

3.3     Greed and its consequences.                                                     22

3.4     Analysis of four greedy characters in the literary text Satans and Shaitans by Obinna Odenwe.          25


4.0     Style of the author                                                                    30

4.1     Language of the author                                                             31

4.2     Subject matter                                                                          31

4.3     Theme                                                                                     32

4.4     Motif                                                                                       33

4.5     Plot of the literary text                                                              35

4.6     Conflict with resolution.                                                           36

4.7     Literary devices                                                                        37

CHAPTER FIVE: Summary, Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion.

5.1   Summary                                                                                 38

5.2     Findings                                                                                   40

5.3    Recommendations                                                                    40

5.4     Conclusion                                                                              42

REFERENCES                                                                                 43

APPENDIX                                                                                                45






1.0   Background of the Study.   

“Whoever is greedy for unjust gain troubles his own household, but he who hates bribes will live” (proverb 15:27). “Beware of greed, for it was only greed that destroyed those before you. It commanded them to be miserly and they did so. It commanded them to sever their family ties and they did so. It commanded them to behave wickedly and they did so”. (Sunan – Dawud 1698).

An online dictionary vocabulary explain greed to be an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. Greed has been a major reason why people had a jingoistic zeal not only to prosper but to have wealth, fame and power using dubious way due to lack of patience.

The theme of greed is an important issue narrated in the prose text “Satans and shaitans” by Obinna Udenwe, which exposed the corrupt power and greed in our society. The Sacred Order of the Universal Force, an occultic organization, whose members are determined to overrule the Nigerian government and replaced the President with their man, so that the control plug of the country can be in their hands. In their attempt to achieve their greedy purpose, they employed a terrorist sect under the ruler ship of sheik Muhammed Seko who brainwashed the Almajiri students under him, and also employed other worshippers whom he misguild to believe in him that the war is against “infidels” though he had other motives of acquiring money from the government, get himself connected to other world terrorist groups, such as ISIS, ALQUADA and carrying out attack in Northern Nigeria and other part of the country, under the guise of forming an Islamic State.

A young couple in southern Nigeria Adeline the daughter of Pastor Chris Chuba and Donaldo the son of chief Donald Amechi hide their love affair from the fathers, who are member of the sacred order. When the girl goes missing, the men of the order employ all their resources to find her, but do they know more than they suggest?.  As the police search for the missing girl,  a series of attack we’re lunched against members of the Sacred Order by unknown assailants who happen to be the younger brother of sheik Alhassan who was murdered by the assassin of the Sacred Order member with the terrorist attack intensifying and two Sacred Order losing control over their plan. A race was launched between the police and the Sacred society to identify the killers before it is too late. The consequences bounced on many members of the Secret Order as Pastor Chris Chuba lost his only daughter, brother, later his wife. While Chief Donald Amechi lost his life, and his son also died, some other members too, aside few,  the sheik in charge of the terrorist attack, surfer no casualty but the fool knows not that he’s killing his own people. A book of 292 pages, I must say Obinna Udenwe write very well with simple English. This book is controversial because it discusses religion and terrorism. Two critical issues in our country today fueled by greed, acquisition of fame, power, wealth and material things. I love how he talked about the Satan and the Shaitans from the Christianity and Islamic perspective. It creates an elaborate understanding that “we humans are capable of evil whether Muslims or Christians”

1.1      Statement of the problem.

Since there’s no smoke without fire, the concept of greed can not be re-emphasized as a factor responsible for misdeed in our society. Therefore this study is set to examine Greed and its consequence focusing on the Obinna Udenwe’s prose text “Satans and Shaitans.

1.2.     Objectives of the study

The objectives of this study are:

  1. To examining the concept of Greed.
  2. To expatiate greed consequences in our society.
  3. Religion, Cultism and the Greed factor.
  4. To proffer the solution to Greed and its consequences in our society.

1.3     Research questions

This research will attempt to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the concept of Greed?
  2. What are the consequences of Greed on our society?
  3. Is religion and Cultism a greed factor?
  4. How do we proffer solutions to aimed Greed society?

1.4         Significant of the study

  • To expose the implications of Greed in the society.
  • To bring to fore the damages greed caused in the society.
  • To unveil the religious angle of Greed on the society.
  • To expose government involvement in Greed.

1.5         Scopes of study

The scope of this study is in Nigeria society, as mirrored in Obinna Odenwe’s “Satans and Shaitans” .

1.6     Limitations of the study

This study firstly limited by COVID- 19 pandemic, which made it difficult for the researcher to access hard copy materials and resource persons for interview work. This study thereby is limited to the text “Satans and Shaitans” by Obinna Udenwe and other related literary work on Greed on the net.

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