The research “Effective Classroom Management and learners achievement was carried out in Agboyi-Ketu Local Government Educational District Area of Lagos State, five (5) secondary schools were randomly selected with the study area while twenty (20) students were selected from each school. One hundred (100) questionnaire were administered on the respondents, while chi-square statistical instrument was used to test the data generated. Findings of the study reveal that students tend to learn and assimilate better in a conducive classroom performance. Based on the findings teachers and school administrators should create a functioning, well ended that there should be in service training for teacher in order to update them on the new effective classroom management skills.



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Abstract                                                                                                    v

Table of contents                                                                                     vi

Chapter One

  • Introduction/background of the study 1

1.2.   Statement of the problem                                                            2

1.3.   Purpose of the study                                                                     3

1.4.   Research questions                                                                       3

1.5.   Research hypotheses                                                                    3

1.6.   Significant of the study                                                                 4

1.7.   Scope of the study                                                                          4

1.8.   Definition of terms                                                                        5

Chapter Two

2.1.   Concept of classroom management                                            6

2.2.   Teachers self-image and classroom management                             10

2.3.   Achievement of classroom management                                   10

2.4.   The learners achievement                                                           11

2.5.   Student population and classroom management                              12

2.6.   Rules guiding classroom management                                                13

Chapter Three

Research method                                                                                    18

3.1.   Introduction                                                                                   18

3.2.   Research design                                                                                      18

3.3.   Population                                                                                                18

3.4.   Sample                                                                                            18

3.5.   Sampling technique                                                                      19

3.6.   Instrumentation                                                                                      20

3.7.   Method of data collection                                                             20

3.8.   Data analysis                                                                                 20

Chapter Four

Data analysis and data interpretation                                                         21

  • Distribution pattern 21

4.2.   Data analysis and procedure                                                       22

Chapter Five

Summary, conclusion and recommendations                                              31

5.1.   Summary                                                                                        31

5.2.   Conclusion                                                                                               32

5.3.   Recommendations                                                                         32

5.4.   Suggestion for further research                                                  33

References                                                                                                         35

Appendix                                                                                                  37




Classroom management involves organizing learning space to create a stimulating learning environment. It is effected by the classroom teacher and depends on teacher characteristics such as the teacher academic and qualification.

The components classroom management includes planning for the lesson., class control, seating arrangement, management of time, management of resources and management of students records.

Classroom management has the largest effect on the student achievement. This makes intuitive sense-students cannot learn in a chaotic poorly managed classroom.

Effective classroom management has been a topic of discussion throughout the world due to its implication on the students education and national development. One of the agencies responsible to take active interest in education of the child in Nigeria is the school, which has been describe as the second guide of the child’s life. A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students under the duration of teachers.

Chamber dictionary also define the school as a place for instruction. An institution of educating primary or secondary for teaching of special subjects. It has building which is demarcated into classroom, have planned curriculum and well structured time tables. It is an informal organization which the teacher and students learn from each other.

A research into the study of effective classroom management is therefore necessary so as to able to find an effective strategy needed for teaching in secondary schools.


The development of positive attitude towards the classroom management in Lagos State most especially Ketu Agboyi Local Government Area is among the issues that is paramount interest to those who are preparing to teach in secondary school. The fact that most students develop negative attitude towards some subject is indisputable hence, there’s need to make our students find inspiration and enjoyment in classroom by themselves.

There will be effective classroom management in our secondary schools if teachers can create in their classroom a functioning we arranged and intellectual atmosphere.

Therefore, this research is designed to study some classroom management in particular and to determine the extent to which a conducive environment will improve classroom management and students performance.



  1. To find out if there is a relationship between inadequate infrastructure and classroom management.
  2. To find out if the effectiveness of teachers is responsible for students’ performance.

iii.     To find out if there will be any improvement in the performance of students in a conducive classroom environment.


  1. What is the relationship between inadequate infrastructure and classroom management?
  2. What impact will a conducive classroom environment have on performance of students?

iii.     Do the effectiveness of teacher responsible for student performance?


  1. There is no significant relationship between inadequate classroom management and student performance?
  2. There is no significant relationship between conducive classroom environment and students’ performance.

iii.     There is no significant relationship between teacher effectiveness and student performance?



  1. The findings of the study will enlighten teacher to know and understand their ultimate responsibilities to their students in the classroom. For, instance, considering the nature of the learning environment, there is no need to provided suitable and well conducive classroom for the teaching and learning.
  2. The information provided by the teaching and learning improve classroom management in Lagos State Schools, most especially Agboyi-Ketu Local Government Area.

iii.     Teachers who know the importance of creating conducive classroom management to the teaching process will find the project useful.


In the course of this study, few students will be selected from some secondary schools in Agboyi-Ketu Local Government Area. A large sample of secondary schools could have been ideal for this study, but there are some constraining factors like

The time required for regular attendance at work and other educational engagement which made it extremely difficult to devote enough time to the project.

Financial constrain and problem of transportation in Lagos Metropolis.



The following are the meaning of terms used in the study.

Effect: This is the result or change of something.

Classroom: This is a segment of the school, it has facilities which enables learning o take place

Management: This is the act of controlling organization and planning activities that take place in an organization.

Learner: This means a person who is learning; student, pupil, apprentice, trainee.

Achievement: Something accomplished

Teacher: This is a person who undergo training and has the skill to impact knowledge, skills and discipline unto the learner.

School: This is a place where teaching and learning takes place.

Educator: It is a process of integrating an individual to be useful in the society.

Academic Performance: This is the display or evidence of knowledge attained or skills developed as shown by the scores or grade achieved in examination.

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