This project topic “Secured Wireless Network” was carried out with a view to deploying effective security for wireless networks. The project developed a system that lets typical users easily build a highly secured wireless network. My aim is to show how user interface can be applied to provide a complete solution for securing wireless networks. Securing a wireless network is an important issue since they are wireless broadcasting a signal out over an area, any computer within this area with the correct equipment can be considered to be connected to the network, so an effective security measures has been deployed that allows users to intuitively manage the network security of their mobile devices, even those with limited user interface.


1.1 Historical Background
Over the past decade, there has been unprecedented growth in wireless standards and services. The advancements in the field of wireless communications have led to more innovative consumer applications. These wireless applications have evolved to cater to the needs of the commercial industry, defense, private home users and educational institutions.
The birth of wireless network is generally accepted to have occurred in 1897, when Marconi received credit with the patent for the radiotelegraph, from which the word radio was coined. Since that time, wireless network has been used. The evolution of wireless systems can be viewed to have occurred in different stages. The main force driving the evolution is an increasing public demand for wireless services. To meet this ever increasing demand, better technologies are required to increase network capacity, to improve quality of service and to introduce new service features.
In Nigeria and all over the globe, a wireless connection forms an essential part of a growing technological country and is the basis of an effective and efficient communication industry. Secured wireless network is sometimes an arbitrary prospect for the different people, who make use of it.
Secured wireless network seeks to determine the valuation of a job relative to other jobs within the organization. The importance of the security is to enhance proper management of users and avoid illegal and illicit user in the network. Secured wireless networks are normally done in isolation; it requires a thorough specification of the range at which the network can cover, that is in terms of the bandwidth and the amount of packet data it can send along the network.
A secured wireless networks are primarily determined by the strength of devices around it, in terms of its transmitting rate and how it can conveniently communicate with other receiving connection. It is recognized that in practice that there are several important factors used in determining a secured wireless network and they are:

·         The rate at which it can deny intruders access into the network.

·         The total amount of place it can cover at a time i.e. its bandwidth.

·         The rate at which it communicates.

This research is therefore intended to unearth the instability inherent in secure wireless networks which do not function properly due to different reason best known to them and to enable the easy running of secured wireless connection for effective performance.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem
It is very typical in every industry that as its client base continuous to grow, the industry faces increased number of problems. In network monitoring aspect the problem may include:
1. Poor network strength
2. Network hacking
3. No signal when the network is down etc.

1.3 Aim Of The Study
The aim of this study is to design and implement a secure wireless network.

1.4 Objective Of The Study
The age of wireless computing has brought unprecedented freedom and mobility for computer user in a variety of circumstances. Even in the school setting, a wireless network enables staffs to access the internet and be productive without the constraints of one office set aside for the computer or competition for access.
However, going totally wireless brings with it some possible outcome problems as any new technology would do, not the least of those concerned is security. Going wireless means by definition that access to your computing resources and the internet is occurring without wires.
The main purpose for building a secured wireless network is for increased mobility so you can move around from one office to another without being together to a network jerk. Another reason is that they can network systems together without having to snake wires through walls by making use of access point.

1.5 Significance Of The Study
Wireless networks are now ubiquitous and a large number of institutions incorporate a wireless network into their infrastructure. Because an unprotected network is an unblocked virtual door, anybody within range can tap on the network undetected.
A secured wireless network will benefit the institutions in that:

1. Through the use of wireless networks, information could be sent behind enemy’s lines easily, efficiently and more reliably.
2. Institutions use wireless networks to send and share data quickly whether it be in a small office building or across the world.

1.6 Scope Of The Study
Owing to eat proliferation of mobile and laptops, it becomes necessary for appropriate usage of mobile with unified applications and internet. Public wireless network render the potent means for those people who intend to communicate by means of internet. With great advancement in technology, there is need to safe and secure connections as well. Lots of people are out there who are interested in misusing or abusing your personal information or network by hacking.
Therefore it becomes necessary to have a secured connection. Many options are available in the market today for making your network secure.
For this reason, this work is limited to the area of information security or the confidentiality of information of the case study.

1.7 Organization Of Study


1.8 Limitation Of Study
The various limitations encountered here can be broadly classified or categorized under the following headings:

·          Hiding the content or the nature of a communication code, encryption and identity base.

·         Hiding the parties to a communication (prevention of identification or anonymity).

·         Interference from other devices.

·         Lack of high quality media streaming.

·         Limited bandwidth.

·         Anonymous devices not been registered is another problem, examples are cell phones and internet cafes.

·         Hard to trace routing method through an unauthorized third party system or relays.

·         Hiding the fact that a communication takes place.

·         Finally, random traffic that is creating random data flow in order that the presence of genuine communication is harder to detect and traffic analysis less reliable

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