In today’s era the educational sector looks for effective and efficient ways to promote the educational system in record keeping among thousands of students. The school, colleges and universities find ways through which they can manage all the student information easily and recall all that information whenever they need. The computerized data helps in making the working process fast, moreover, it is also less time consuming. The universities and colleges can manage the examination record through adapting the Android GPA calculator, that will assist students’ calculate their performance.

This research is based on our project that is Grade Average Point Calculator. As the world grows faster and every business wants to keep maximizing their profit in less cost, with this projects students can also use this android based calculator to calculate their own GPA from home. This will help them in keeping their educational record updated and they can also do the assessment of their performance. This can help them in recognizing that in, which course they are lacking and they need to work hard for it. It also helps universities in selecting brilliant students for scholarship.



Since android operating system took over as the leading operating systems for smartphones in late 2010, they have been an evolution of changes to the way people interact with the development of android applications ranging from social media applications, productive applications for Taxi Booking and many more which optimizes performance and profitability to our modern generation.

Young people between the ages of 16-34 are the most users of smartphones according to recent survey carried out by Forbes magazine (2017), with an estimated 150 million users across the globe, android operating system has been the leading choice among smartphone users, as the Technology in the Mobile application is getting wider and better and the outcome of the result is also having a great impact on the entire sector, is getting wider and better and the outcome of the result is also having a great impact on the entire sector. Android as an Operating System works on various types of Smartphones, Tablet etc. as the Major component of performance is totally based on the type of Application Software available in the Smart phone.

Universities across the globe uses the Grade Point Average (GPA) to make their examination and result processes easily. This tool is effective and works efficiently. An android based GPA Calculator will be a smart tool that calculates GPA within a second. All you need to do is enter all course information ranging from course name, student grade, credit load and total credit hour for the semester.

With the advancement of technology and introduction to educational apps, students are not required to invest their time and money to buy any required GPA manual calculator from shops and libraries. These android based calculator will help students who are unable to calculate their performance and improve overall academy wellness of students.


The errors associated with the existing manual method of how students calculate results in most universities in Nigeria, including The Polytechnic, Ibadan, make it notably desirable but imperative that a computerized approach be used to the full in measuring students’ progress. The manual methods being employed suffer a number of setbacks. They make the process to be time consuming and prone to error. They lead to students making multiple errors inputting the courses they offered for the semester and their grades, sometimes with wrong grades being entered and students’grade point averages being wrongly as a result of manual computation, and ultimately leading to wrong conclusions being arrived on class of degree awarded. Some students in the Polytechnic of Ibadan will suffer undeserved good class of degree, while others could be unfairly victimized, bringing about frustration and bad blood. The applica-tion in this research work is intended to bring relieve by providing for timely and accurate processing of students results in the polytechnic of         Ibadan, using the processing power of an android application that student can easily download on their smartphones. However, result computation and students data record management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, can use this application to solve the following problems affecting the school based on the current manual processing method such as

  • Loss of vital information relating to student results records
  • The time and labour involved in the student result computation of files and records not properly kept.
  • Miscalculation of students CGPA after graduation.
  • Difficulties involved in searching for a specified record
  • Information is very insured and can be accessed by the wrong persons.


Student result processing environment where information is processed using an android application which runs on almost every student smartphone application which runs on almost every student smartphone or tablet devices in the polytechnic connected to a Network (internet) is more advantageous. Owing to this, therefore, the aim of this study is directed towards developing a powerful android application program that will collapse the short comings encountered in the student’s result calculation and data management in the great Polytechnic of Ibadan. The main objective of this project is to provide:

  • A faster means of reducing some or all the problem encountered during semesters’ result computation.
  • Errors due to over in grade calculation.
  • Student record keeping.
  • Errors in computation.
  • Duplication of result and much more.


The scope of this research is to explore those ways through which GPA can be calculated easily. The knowledge will be gathered through the help of several secondary and primary sources. The project will provide a proper framework of GPA calculator for students using android smartphones. The final result will be extracted from the master record of student data. Moreover, the graph will also be presented in order to show student’s performance.


The research study may encounter problems like insufficient literature, time, finance, transportation problem and lack of co-operation from the respondents who otherwise would have proved useful.


The following are the meanings of some terms as used in this study:

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average: is the grade point average of all courses, institutional and transferred, taken at the same level (non-credit, undergraduate, or graduate), is an assessment tool used to evaluate your academic performance.

Software: the programs and other operating information used by a computer.

Computation: the use of computers, especially as a subject of research or study.

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