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job satisfaction: its determinant and its relationship with employee productivity






1.1     Background to the Study


Job satisfaction is the attitude of an employee towards their job, in other words job satisfaction is an affective or emotional response toward various facets of one’s job. A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds positive attitudes towards his or her job, while a person who is dissatisfied with his or her job holds negative attitudes about the job. Job satisfaction is a result of employees’ perception of how well their job provides those things which are viewed as important. Job satisfaction is also defined as reintegration of effects produced by individual’s perception of fulfillment of his needs in relation to his work and the surrounding (Theresa and Henry 2016)


Furthermore, Job satisfaction represents a complex assemblage of cognition, emotion and tendencies. There is no definite way of measuring job satisfaction, but there are varieties of ways to identify when an employee is satisfied or dissatisfied with his or her job. A questionnaire can be used to measure job satisfaction, in this method, it measures the satisfaction with the different dimensions or facets of the job by the employee and sum of all satisfactions scores will be taken as the overall job satisfaction (JS). Almost any job related factor can influence a person’s level of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction and there are a number of factors that influence job satisfaction. The major ones can be summarized by recalling the dimensions of job satisfaction and they are pay, the work itself, promotions, supervision, workgroup, and working conditions.

Moreover, employee performance very much depends on perception, values and attitudes, there appear to be so many variables influencing the job performance that is almost impossible to make sense of them. Performance is defined as a function of individual ability and skill and effort in a given situation. In the short run, employee’s skills and abilities are relatively stable. Therefore, for the purpose of the study, the researcher defines the performance in terms of effort extended to the job of an employee. Effort is an internal force of a person which makes him or her to work willingly when employees are satisfied with their job and their needs are met, they develop an attachment to work or we say that they make an effort to perform better but increased effort results in better performances (Theresa and Henry 2016).


Pushpakumari (2008) is of the opinion that attainment of a high level performance through productivity and efficiency has always been an organizational goal of high priority. In order to do that highly satisfied work force is an absolutely necessity for achieving a high level of performance advancement of an organization. Satisfied worker leads to extend more effort to job performance, then works harder and better. Thus every organization tries to create a satisfied work force to operate the well- being of the organization. However, the total organizational performance depends on efficient and effective performance of individual employees of the organization. Therefore, every organization places a considerable reliance on their individual employee performance to gain high productivity in the organization. Employee effort is an important factor that determines an individual performance will be. When an employee feels a satisfaction about the job, he/she is motivated to do grater effort to the job performance. Then it tends to increase the overall performance of the organization. In other words, a satisfied individual employee and his effort and commitment are crucial for the successfulness of the organization.


1.2     Statement of the Problem

The problem of most organization in the private sector in Nigeria how to satisfy their workers to enhance productivity and maximize profit, over the years, organizations are suffering from low productivity, ineffectiveness, inefficiency, and lack of growth. This is as a result of low job satisfaction of the employees. Insufficient pay, lack of status and other related factors.


Also in the public sector this days there are incessant rate of strike, workers demand for increment in salaries and allowances are denied. Thus resulting to poor dedication to duty. Lateness to work is always a dominant factors to contend with in the public sector organization. This can be as a result of lack of job satisfaction. Higher absenteeism is becoming a normal routine in the organization as no one takes up the duty of checkmating. Everyone is his own boss, no restriction of movement, no specific time of coming to work and time of leaving.

The above mentioned factors are all dissatisfaction on the job, because if individual feels that he is been treated fairly from the outcome he receives, or the process used, he will be satisfied and put all his effort to move the organization forward, therefore this research aim is to investigates the relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity.

1.3     Objective of the Study

The main objective of this study is to find out the relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity in Nigeria, specifically the study intends to:

1.     Find out the relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity

2.     Analyze the effect of job satisfaction and employee productivity

3.     Investigates the factors that lead to job satisfaction among employees

4.     Find out the factors that impede job satisfaction among employees

1.4     Research Question

1.     Is there any relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity?

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2.     What is the effect of job satisfaction and employee productivity?

3.     What the factors that lead to job satisfaction among employees?

4.     What are the factors that impede job satisfaction among employees?

1.5     Research Hypothesis

Ho: there is no relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity

Hi: there is relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity

1.6     Significance of the Study

This research work will help managers in different organization, how he must properly articulate the needed components for employees so as to enhance effective job satisfaction. This research work will also help policy makers and regulators in the public sector; it will present a scheme, through its analysis that could assist them in enunciating policies that will have a positive impact on the workers.

And lastly this research work will serve as a guide and reference point for other research work.

1.7     Scope of the Study

This research work will be conducted in Ado-Odo LGA in Ogun state since the local government area is a home to many organizations, also this research will examine the concept of job satisfaction and employee productivity and the relationship between them.

1.8     Delimitation of the Study

Finance for the general research work will be a challenge during the course of study. Correspondents also might not be able to complete or willing to submit the questionnaires given to them.

However, it is believed that these constraints will be worked on by making the best use of the available materials and spending more than the necessary time in the research work. Therefore, it is strongly believed that despite these constraint, its effect on this research report will be minimal, thus, making the objective and significance of the study achievable.

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