This project is aimed at automating i.e. computerization of the system of loading passengers using Chico Transportation Company as a case study. In our transportation Companies like chisco Transport Company, there is every need to computerize (automate) the passengers loading system. The computerization system or process of automating helps the transportation company in general to know the exact number of passengers that will be loading into the various buses without making mistakes.

This project also has overriding objectives of identifying computer as an electronic device capable of facilitating passengers loading procedure in different transportation companies, it is also directed towards a simple analytical treatment using computer to store, update and retrieve records of passenger as compared to the manual use of files and hands. Also computerization or automating of passenger loading system would aim at eliminating past mistake done through the use of manual method, since a successful system design would go a long way in helping the transportation company in loading up the passengers. Based on the above existing system, there is need to introduce an efficient, reliable and fast method which would aid in reducing the problems faced by passengers in the park. Among many advantages associated to these automatic systems are the following.

A)         IMPROVE ACCURACY- The new system will produce accurate and exact output once input is fed into the system. This will eliminate the problem of duplicating work.

B)         IMPROVED DECISION MAKING- Owing to the fastness and good communication link up, there is also the advantage of making quick decision and obtaining information on a more timely basis.

C)         IMPROVED DOCUMENT MAINTENANCE- The new system is capable of storing and maintaining of a large volume of passengers files or document without occupying unnecessary space and any document or file could be accessed any time.




Transportation is a very important concept involved in human life to ensure comfort and to reduce the level of stress in our daily lives. People today needs transportation to travel to their different destinations. In which these transportation companies uses manual approach to run their transportation Business. These manual approaches or loading system at the end tend to bring conflict and or even promote the level of conflict.

Hence due to these conflict and other problems an automated passenger loading system has to be introduced to promote and encourage these transportation company, and also lessen the work done manually, since a computer is been provided where each or any passenger that comes goes straight to it and enters the necessary information needed. Such information like, the fare, the passengers name. Destination, address and phone number, sex and load weight if available e.t.c.

The computer hence specifies the Bus number where the passenger goes straight to pay and sit at the sit specified to him by the computer. The automated system is just aimed at replacing the manual approach with an automated i.e. computerized method by developing software that will simply carry out these works.


As a result of these manual approach, a lot of problem or negative development arises and hence an automated system is being develop to reduce these problem, and some problem are being involved in these automated loading approach includes:-

1)         LACK OF FINANCE: For these automated passengers loading system to be made complete a lot of money is involved, and lack of this money will lead to the inability to carryout these projects successfully.

2)         INDEPTH KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTER:- For any passenger to be able to book on these automated loading system, him/her needs a little knowledge on how to operate the computer. Hence one’s ignorant on how to operate the computer tends to load to being unable to register for his journey.

3)         INCREASE IN PRICE: Since the automated system makes use of computer, for this to be made firm a computer is needed for operation. And these tend to increase the transport fee in other to meet up with computer requirements.

4)         POWER FAILURE: Since the computer uses light or electricity to carry out its operation. The failure to provide this electricity means that the computer will not carry out its operation. Hence failure in power is also another problem involved in it.


The purpose of these study is to provide and to promote the level of the passengers loading through the use of machine or computer instead of people doing the loading i.e. using the computer to have control that will work without the need of a person to do it.

The study is aimed at developing on designing a software on a personal computer in such a way that when a passenger enters the park. He goes to the computer and type in the following.

The study is aimed at developing on designing a software on a personal computer in such a way that when a passenger enters the park. He goes to the computer and type in the following.


Full names

Address and phone number


Loading if any? Yes or No

The computer haven received the various information display the bus number of the bus and specify the sit number on which the passenger would be assigned to.


The scope of these study focus on the loading system of passenger by the transportation computer just as chisco Transportation Company.

These scope is covered from developing a software that will carry out the operation with the content just as can be seen in his above in 1.3.

In the scope of this study I don’t intend to make provision for scratch card for the payment of the fee because these will make the process tedious and delay the passengers time.

In tend to stop after the payment for the fee of the traveling and the movement and location of the various buses to the passengers.

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