This study examines critically the accounting records and fraud preventive measures amongst civil servants in Akwa Ibom state using ministry of works and education as a case study. Accounting records is accurate arrangement of accounting information with a view to ascertaining their accuracy and compliance with relevant statutory provisions, accounting standards, professional pronouncements, and the organizational policies. It is a control which measures, evaluates and reports upon the effectiveness of internal control, financial and otherwise, as a contribution to the efficient use of resources within an organization. The focus of accounting record in government’s ministries is the determination of how much money was received and the sources of such receipts, how much money was spent and for what purposes and what remains after meeting the financial obligations. This then means that government accounting record is more concerned with information gathering that will enable government to prepare Receipts and Payments accounts as it is the case. The researcher used primary and secondary methods of data collection to gather the needed data. The data obtained through questionnaires were presented in tables and analyzed using the simple percentage. The findings have also shown that factors which militate against successful accounting records and fraud preventive measures amongst civil servants in Akwa Ibom state are: Volume of work, Nature of services, Poor management, Organization experience of staff, Delays in procuring documents. The study therefore recommended that Education, proper enlightenment and self-discipline is recommended to step down the level of corruption among the worker in the organization. An effective internal control system should be introduced, in the administration of council.

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